Attorney-Client Matchmakers

Have you ever used heard of Tinder? Tinder is a new (and free) online-dating app that matches users with potential partners in their area without the risk of rejection. How? Users create an account, complete with pictures, and anonymously select people they find interesting or, more likely, attractive. If two users indicate they like each other, they are matched and directed to chat with one another. From there, your dating success depends on your “text-game.” According to AppData, Tinder boasts over 200,000 users.

So the other day, a friend and Tinder-advocate (I know people always say “friend” when they are actually talking about themselves doing something unsavory, but I have a Droid and Tinder, unfortunately, is iOS exclusive) was proclaiming the  pros of the anonymous dating scene when I thought: Hmm, I wonder if there is a Tinder for lawyers? And by Tinder-for-lawyers, I didn’t mean an attorney-dating service (see, I meant a service that allows attorneys and clients to anonymously match  with one another. Well, of course there are, and quite a few. The most popular attorney-client matching providers that I am aware of include:

It is difficult, without using these sites, to really tell the differences between them, although Henry Harlow’s report does a great job of describing the differences. In addition, a new player in this space, Lawdingo, recently received $100k in seed funding (see CrunchBase) and is part of the current class of startups at Y Combinator. TechCrunch reports on Lawdingo:

You can browse lawyers on the site based on their expertise and location, and if you find one you like, you can schedule an appointment or in some cases hit the “talk now” button. The goal is to make finding a lawyer more convenient and more affordable. (On the affordability side, many of the lawyers on the site offer free consultations, and since you’re choosing from a broad geographic selection, you can probably find lower rates.)

Anthony Ha, Lawdingo, The Startup That Lets You Talk To Lawyers Instantly, Joins Y Combinator, TechCrunch (March 15, 2013).

From my perspective, attorney-client matching providers bode well for law students. The more accessible attorneys become to clients, the more work there should be for future lawyers, i.e. law students. But I haven’t used any of these services, so I could be mistaken about their potential. Has anyone out there used any of these services? What was it like?

That being said, Lawdingo is definitely a company that I will be keeping an eye on. It may not be as fun as Tinder, but it may provide opportunities for attorneys, which, to me is more exciting than a blind date (or whatever you do on Tinder).


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