Baker McKenzie: Twitter Outcast

Baker McKenzie is the Steven Glansberg of the the world’s top law firms . . . on Twitter.

I recently pulled the Twitter accounts of the ten highest grossing law firms in the world and imported them into Gephi, an open-source data visualization software, and yielded this:

BigLaw Top Ten

This is a graphical representation of Twitter relationships between the top ten law firms. Applying a modularity filter to the firms, the graph also displays “communities” between the firms. This is demonstrated by the green and yellow connectors, or edges, between the firms. (Note: I am not sure if this function worked all that well given the limited data points provided to the algorithm. But it looks nice.)

So the question is: Can we gain any insight from this graph? First, I am surprised at the unilateral relationships between the firms. There does not appear to be any follow-back reciprocation amongst the firms. Second, Clifford Chance isn’t afraid to follow its competitors! Maybe they are keeping an “eye” on the competitions’ Twitter activity! Finally, Baker McKenzie is a Twitter outcast. I’m picturing Heath Ledger in Ten Things I Hate About You . . . or Steven Glansberg.


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